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Diana truly believes in working WITH people and organizations. Her enthusiastic style is gracious, non-judgmental, and professional. We have completed several project contracts with her and will continue to do so. She speaks her mind, presents options, allows for choice and the process to unfold. I am impressed with her knowledge, patience, and ability to remain open and flexible. A rare skill indeed!


Top qualities: Personable, Creative


David Agrella, MD, PhD, MHA,


- Hired Diana as a Business Consultant in 2009, and hired Diana more than once.

Diana was my pharmacy manager. I have a lot of respect for her, she always backed her fellow employees if there was a customer dispute. I admired that in addition to her professional way she handled the workplace. The customers loved her! I miss her as well, but she gave me tools I have brought to Windsor. I wish her the best in her future work. 

Robin Holmstedt, CphT

Pharmacy Technician


- Worked under Diana at Longs Drugs Corporation.

Diana is a very detail-oriented manager who brings out the best in her colleagues. She works hard to keep up professionally and brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to her job. Diana provides the best example possible for her employees.


Kim Haney, PharmD, Rph

Pharmacy Manager


- Worked directly with Diana at Longs Drugs Corporation.

Diana was a very organized pharmacy manager. She continually strives to increase business, always maintained top customer service scores and kept her staff highly motivated. She was always the first to adopt new processes that would increase efficiencies in the pharmacy. 


Debbie Kacmarek, PharmD, Rph
Manager of Pharmacy Initiatives & Processes, Safeway


- Managed Diana at Longs Drugs Corporation.

Diana is a great pharmacist and an excellent leader. She has a very caring nature towards her patients and works well in leading her staff. She is open minded and positive. I enjoyed working with Diana. I would recommend her to any organization.


Jim Santa, PharmD, Rph
General Manager Consonus


- Managed Diana at Retail Facility.

Diana would be a great asset to any company. Her performance always exceeds expectations and always provides significant contributions. Diana takes initiative and sets standards of excellence for self and team members. Diana always honors commitments and promises and always holds herself and others accountable for achieving results. Diana has my highest recommendation.


Chris Gong, PharmD, Rph
Group Director Pharmacy Operations, Safeway


- Managed Diana indirectly at Retail Facility.

It gives me great pleasure to provide a reference and recommendation for Diana. During my tenure as Corporate Advertising Administration Manager for Longs Drugs Stores, I worked with Diana on several Pharmacy Advertising projects that had impact on 400 plus stores. Her leadership, attention to detail, organization skills and overall understanding to the business functions of pharmacy marketing and advertising was excellent.  Wesley Anderson, Corporate Advertising Admin. Manager, Longs Drugs worked with Diana at Retail Facility


Wesley Anderson
Corporate Advertising Adminstration Manager at Longs Drugs


- Worked with Diana at Retail Facility.

Diana is a very innovative, hard working and likable individual to work with. Experienced in her field, she strives to improve the outcome of projects she undertakes. In the field of education, she especially excels, because she has a great rapport with others and has the ability to formulate a plan around her learners so they can grasp challenging information and in a particularly effective and an enjoyable manner. Due to a very strong work ethic and the areas mentioned above, I highly recommend Diana for pharmacy work, management and education.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


Lynne Conde, RN, MS
Director PsychTech Program, Faculty Bauman College
- Hired Diana as a Pharmacy, education in 2009, and hired Diana more than once.
Diana was instrumental in advancing my career in the Pharmacy field. I have benefited from her classroom instruction, on the job training and career guidance. Her attention to technical detail is admirable and Diana always expects the same from her direct reports. Her professional management style encourages safety, promotes team work and professional growth. Diana's tremendous depth of pharmaceutical knowledge has always been an inspiration to me and to many of the students she has tough at Santa Rosa Junior College over the years. Many view her as a critical connection between the North Bay hospitals or pharmacies and newly emerging pharmacy talent. Personally, I have benefited from Diana's support and guidance. She has taught me to be compassion towards patients, respectful of employers, encouraging to coworkers and to become a valuable contributor to our community. I feel she is a leader in the pharmacy vocation.
Agnes Hruska, CphT
Inpatient Sutter Pharm Tech, Santa Rosa & PharmPak, San Rafael
Diana is an honorable person. She has incredible leadership, integrity, and justice. She is service-oriented in every way. She is supportive in the every matter at hand, and is the best team member that I have been associated with in the past 35 years of working in every vocation possible. I support her, endorse her, and trust her with every fiber of my body. If you are blessed to have her on your team, you will not regret it. The best of the best.


Rita Colthurst, RN, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
Adjunct Faculty SRJC, Windsor Urgent Care Nurse
- Reported to Diana at Santa Rosa Junior College Pharmacy
Diana was my teacher for the pharmacy technician program at the Santa Rosa Junior College. I have also worked with Diana in the pharmacy setting. She is a pleasure to work for and knows how to get the best out of people. I would highly recommend her for any position.


Randy Wood, CphT
Preceptor/Mentor, retired Fire Chief 30 years
- Reported to Diana at Santa Rosa Junior College Pharmacy
Simply stated there would not be a pharmacy technician program at Santa Rosa Junior College without the leadership and above-and-beyond dedication of Diana Rangaves! She is the driving force that makes all of us on the faculty strive to be the best we can be and turn out well-qualified technicians for area pharmacies. Our success rate reflects what Diana has created and continues to build. She is an inspiration, a tireless worker and an engaging and fun personality to have as our team leader. I have worked for other schools and have never been brought into the fold and been valued for my input in the way in which Diana makes us feel valued. In any setting I am sure the same attributes would apply--I would always be willing to work on any project that Diana is attached to because I know it would be a project that would provide great value and quality to its intended audience.


Deborah Kelly, CphT, Operations Manager PharmPak
Adjunct SRJC Faculty, Inpatient Hospital Manager
If you are looking for someone who plays games, has an agenda, and enjoys political intrigue and jousting, Diana is NOT your candidate. She is honest without being hurtful. She is smart without being arrogant. She is helpful without being superior. The CHOICE is yours. I highly recommend her.


Phoebe Mollai, PharmD, Rph
Senior Pharmacy Supervisor, CVS
- Worked directly with Diana as Director of a Retail Facility.


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