Selected Portfolio Works by Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD

Uncover the Myths of Popcorn Lung

Vaping is a subject that has generated a lot of buzz in the public domain during the last couple of years and the end is nowhere in sight. 

Memory Imprinting and Storage

According to the American Psychological Association, memories are subject to modification. Dr. Stefan Hofmann explains that there is an emotional creation process of painful memories and their storage in our brain.

Release Takes Work

The release does not happen overnight; it takes work. This work involves peeling back the layers, and layers of hurt.

The Practice of Emotional Fitness and Energetic Cleansing

The experience of emotions can be positive, negative, healing, destructive, pleasurable, or discontent, depending on how they are recorded in our memories and perceptional field.

How are practitioner’s supporting their clients' ongoing practice? 

It is essential that practitioners offering professional support to their clients understand and relate to human suffering.

How To Change Fuel Injections 2013 On Freightliner M2

A lot of things attract a vehicle to a person. For some people, it might be the 5- speed gear, compartment, and ruggedness.

3 Tricks to Jumping Your Car in the Winter

It is cold outside and the last thing you want to do is jump your vehicle because the battery in your vehicle has died. Unfortunately, this occurs too often.

How To Know Whats Leaking Based On Fluid Color

Imagine walking up to your car on your way to work, when you notice a small puddle underneath the vehicle. It sure wasn’t there before, or was it?

Investigation Graveyards of San Francisco: Revealing Mission Delores

Investigating the graveyards of San Francisco is a revealing journey in time. Graveyards are a treasure trove of information from the past. 

Best Walking Trails in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County North Bay

Best walking trails in Sonoma County are close by in Santa Rosa. Say HELLO to the best game of walking and explore Northern California park trails.


Analysis Bad Science: Low-Carb Diet & Mortality

The latest low-Carb diet research published in Lancet Public Health strongly suggests that diets low in carbs have the possibility of shortening the lifespan of a person.

The Dubious Link: Association Of Low Carb Diets With Mortality

What are the long-term effects of consuming a LCHF diet? Well, we cannot base any conclusions on the controversial study conducted by the Lancet Public Health.

Epidiolex: What You Need to Know About the New CBD Drug

Improved quality of life for over 30 percent of patients living with medically refractory, treatment-resistant or pharmacoresistant epilepsy is likely with Epidiolex® as an additional treatment option.

What leaders must remember when faced with disappointment

The creation of self-control and calmness in difficult situations is something business leaders must master.

Business Excellence

Leadership is learned. A growing skill is in demand. It is useful in business, family interactions, and carries over to daily living. 

Google Medic Algorithm

As you are aware, Google updates are not new. It is part of the life cycle of the search engine algorithm

The Secret’s Out! Two Investigations Administer a Dose of Reality in Pain and Addiction

All stakeholders play a role. Two studies provide tangible action into the process of getting hooked on narcotics.

Assessment Paper ~ Judgment of Academic Ethics: Will those Desirous of Power, Replace Excellence?

The anatomy of a formulary process is precarious and longwinded. Keeping the ‘Rational’ at the front and center takes effort, energy, intellect, and integrity.

Death the Final Approach

A palliative care program offers assessment and management of patient needs throughout the inpatient environment. The team behaves interactively .....

Inspired by Simplicity

Quietly improving their community, this is a story of triumph and reframing of people with autism.  By means of passion and dedication.....

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